The Birth of Baby Madison

When my husband and I had our son, nearly 7 years ago, we were the first of our friends to become parents. It was a lonely time for me. I felt like our friends didn’t really understand how much our lives had changed. Not just that we weren’t able to be as spontaneous or stay out as late, but also our values, goals, and priorities.

Slowly but surely those friends have been catching up to us. Nick has been a friend of mine since high school. One of my very best buddies. We’ve been through a lot together through out the years. I tend to be cautious when my male friends get girlfriends. I don’t want to become too attached in case things end. Once I realized that Denise was going to be sticking around, I started to let her in a little. I am so glad I did. She and Nick compliment each other so well, and so when I found out they were expecting their first baby I was over the moon! Denise is an auntie, many times over, but now she gets to be mommy!

When I learned that Denise was hoping to have a med-free birth experience, I offered to be her doula. I’ve attended many births in the last few years, but this one would be closer to my heart than any in the past. Of course, I offered to bring my camera as well and took a few photos after Baby Madison was born. Seeing one of my oldest friends become a dad was surreal. We’ve both matured since our high school days. Nick is a composer, and college professor. However, when we hang out it’s so easy to view him as the punk rocker that I had way too much fun with back in high school.

Welcome to parenthood Nico and DD!

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