Home Birth Versus Hospital Birth

When a pregnant women decides to give birth outside of a hospital they are often looked at as if they were crazy.  However it was only really a generation ago that giving birth at home was the norm.  It was around the 50’s that this practice started to change and babies were born in a hospital rather than at home.  The idea was with medical care at hand that both mother and child would have a much better rate of survival.  Initially the infant mortality rates remained the same as those who gave birth at home with just a midwife.  Modern medicine has come a long way since then, but home birth versus hospital births the statistics remain pretty much the same.  It is just as safe for moms with a normal pregnancy to give birth at home as it is in a hospital.

Birth in the Hospital

There are cases where giving birth in the hospital is the best choice.  If the mother has a high risk pregnancy or they are expecting multiple births then you want to have medical care on hand.  High risk pregnancies can include conditions like preterm birth, preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.  If the expectant mother has a history of high blood pressure throughout her pregnancy then she also may want to give birth in a hospital.

Home Births

Giving birth at home gives you freedom that giving birth in a hospital just doesn’t offer.  Labor is hard and painful and at home you have the chance to move around at home.  In a hospital you are often confined to a bed and that can delay your labor.  At home you can have whomever you choose be a witness to the process.  However in a hospital during flu season, visitors are often restricted to protect the patient.  Infection is another issue that comes with a stay in the hospital, even in modern hospitals.  Hospital stays can expose both mother and baby to germs and viruses that you don’t have at home, along with restricting your options for managing your labor.

Which Should You Choose

Whether you choose to go to a hospital or to give birth at home is totally in your hands.  If you have a normal pregnancy then there is nothing to prevent you from choosing to give birth at home.  Giving birth at home with a midwife allows you to be in control of your labor and how you choose to manage the pain.  Your child can be brought into this world safely and surrounded by people who love them.