Kelly gave me an amazing gift the day our son was born: the gift of being there when I couldn’t be. With a c-section, you miss out on a lot of those first moments. Her lens was my eyes.

She captured the emotions of our day so beautifully, and so tastefully. Each picture shows the progression of our anticipation, our nervousness. our joy. It doesn’t feel possible that a photo can hold onto an emotion so genuinely and so lastingly, but her photos do. I feel every bit of the anxiety, warmth, relief, and completeness (looking through her photos) that I did on that day.

Thank you for being there, Kelly, and documenting this exceptional day with

-Ava, mom to Storm

How can I possibly explain how cherished those photographs are…how it perfectly captures everything from that wonderful day….hmmm maybe I should just have her photograph me writing this since her photos say so much more than my words ever could!

I never knew if I would be able to get pregnant let alone give birth, so I did my best to hold onto every single moment. But surprisingly so much of it fades away as my son grows. Just looking at the pictures Kelly Marie took brings it all back to me. And it makes me cry every single time.

When I found out I was pregnant I told my husband and my mom and emailed Kelly Marie to see if she had a opening for me. With our son, my husband wasn’t so sure about having somebody in the room to “capture” his birth and the first moments with him. My Mom was totally against it. Afterward they are not only satisfied but both love that we not only have those snippets in time preserved but that Kelly Marie was the one doing it. Of course I love the pictures but more importantly I love how Kelly Marie took them. I cant even pretend to understand how she can get all the big moments and the emotion on film while at the same time blending into the walls.

She was amazing on the day of. She got to the hospital very quickly and jumped right in. She even helped out by removing some piercings and most importantly quietly suggesting a mirror to help me push. Somehow she was able to capture not just what was happening but how it felt and the excitement and pain and magic. And to me that’s exactly what I knew I wanted and learned that I needed.

-Libby, mom to Jonathan

When it came time for me to give birth I required two things: 1) A healthy baby, and 2) amazing photos to document what I would surely not remember. The first requirement taken care of to the best of my ability, I set about finding someone to fill the second, and that’s when I found Kelly. I saw a slide show of a previous birth and booked her. Then there was a snag: my scheduled c-section happened at the height of the swine flu panicdemic, which meant that Kelly was not allowed in the operating room. She was undeterred. She arrived at the hospital before dawn and sat with us in the prep room.

It felt like dear friends were waiting with us. Kelly laughed and joked and managed to get pictures of moments when I don’t even remember seeing a camera. She stayed until we were settled in our long-term room, capturing our first hours as a family of three. She has the amazing ability to anticipate when a moment will happen and almost blend into the background so that we barely noticed the camera. The result being an utter lack of self-consciousness from everyone involved.

Kelly gathered moments into a collection that tell the story of my son’s entrance into the world. I can’t imagine being without that, and I can’t imagine anyone but her being able to tell the story with such grace and beauty. I will not give birth without her.

-Emily, mom to Sebastian

We are very pleased with your work and are very happy we had the opportunity to do our maternity shoot AND birth shoot with you. It was the best decision we ever made, it not only freed up my husband to be with me without the interference of juggling a camera and taking bad photos, but it keep me assured that I would have something beautiful to share with our daughter in the future.

We loved that you didn’t want to miss anything and stayed with us the entire time. Your beautiful photos illustrate a much anticipated arrival. Looking back at the birth photos, they are such a happy remembrance of the hard work it took to get our little Isabella into this world. I am amazed at how fast this little piglet has grown and we love looking at our photos as a reminder of how small she was. Our daughter will have the beginning of her life beautifully chronicled for years to come.

Your photographic style is so refreshing and innocently candid. You are the fly on the wall that quietly captured many of the milestones of birth. You were unobtrusive, kind, patient, and resourceful to the changing conditions of lighting and movement. I love sharing the photos with close family and love reliving that special day.

I whole heartedly recommend any future mother to have a birth photographer. I recommend they choose you!

-Evangelina, mom to Isabella